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Course fees are $105 (plus 5% GST) per month for four 3 hour weekly sessions. Materials and Firing costs are extra for a very reasonable rate. Class size 5 to 6 people.

If you are pregnant or trying, please consult your doctor before registering. Like many art materials, pottery materials may contain chemicals.


Materials you Will Need

Tool Kit

Consisting of: Pin Tool, Trimming Stick, Throwing Sponge, Trimming Loop Tool, Half Round Rib, Cutting Wire,  & Toothed Rib.
The Tool Kit can be purchased at the Studio. Check with instructor for latest pricing.


Clay Can be purchased at the Studio. 10 Kilogram bags. Check with instructor for latest pricing.

Additional Materials to bring

Large Clean Sponge, Dry Cleaners Plastic, Soft Leaded Pencil, 2 old Towels, Notebook or Sketchbook, 2 buckets (4-liter size). Ice Cream Buckets are the right size.

A minimum of two months is recommended to get a feel for the clay and to complete projects.
Makeup Classes are available for missed Classes.